The Record button on right side of the main App screen lets you start and stop recording with the GoPro camera (3-Axis Gimbal only). When Video Mode is active the button is red, and when Photo Mode is active it’s white. When recording video, the red circle changes to a smaller square and the small “LED” icon above the button pulses red. To stop recording, tap the square button.
The area just above the button contains status icons. From left to right, these are Camera Roll (recording video to the mobile device), GoPro (recording video to the camera), and video-recording status.
Below the button is a sliders icon that provides access to camera settings. The following illustration shows different states of the record button and associated icons:

  • A: Video mode, not recording
  • B: Video mode, recording (note camera settings disabled)
  • C: Photo mode
  • D: Video mode, GoPro recording disabled (possibly due to missing memory card)
  • E: Video mode, Camera Roll recording disabled by Camera Settings control

To access the camera settings, tap the sliders icon immediately below the record button:

Tip: You can change camera settings while flying as long as you’re not recording.
The two camera-settings areas, available from the buttons on the right side of the screen, are Camera Mode and Camera Settings:

  •  Camera Mode: Determines what happens when you tap the Record button on the main App screen. Choose Video Mode for recording continuous video; choose Photo Mode for shooting stills.
  • Camera Settings: Provides access to the following parameters. The available values for each parameter vary depending on the GoPro model and other current parameter values. For details, consult your GoPro manual. For recommended values, see [link to Recommended Settings article].

Note: All of these settings apply to Video Mode only, except for Photo Resolution, which applies to Photo Mode only.

  • Video Resolution (in pixels): The resolution the camera uses to capture video. To set still-image resolution, use the Photo Resolution setting instead.
  • FPS: Frames per second.
  • FOV: Field of View
  • Low Light: On or off
  • Protune: On or off
  • Photo Resolution: The resolution the camera uses to capture still images in Photo mode.
  • GoPro Model: Choose the model of GoPro camera you’re using. This setting determines the available parameter values.
  • Save to Camera Roll: When on and recording video to the camera, the mobile device also records the video received by the app from Solo to its internal memory.
    The Camera Roll video is available via the same methods as video recorded directly with the mobile device. For instance, if using an iOS device, you can access the Camera Roll video from the Photos app.
  • Record during shots: GoPro automatically records video whenever a Smart Shot is active.

To exit the camera settings, tap “Done” or anywhere to the left of the settings area.