By default, Site Scan Field captures images with 70% overlap and 65% sidelap. These setting typically enable the generation of an accurate orthomosaic and point cloud without oversampling, but some conditions require more images.
To increase the sidelap (percent of the image that appears in adjacent survey paths) or overlap (percent of the image that appears in images along the same survey path), go into the Advanced menu when planning out a Survey.

Here you will see the option to manually control overlap and sidelap. You can drag the slider to the left to decrease it or to right to increase it. You can also click on the small window that shows the percentage of sidelap / overlap to input a value using the keyboard.
You also have an option to restore them to their default values. Once you’re set click on the Advanced button on top to go back to the previous menu.

Adjusting sidelap and overlap with Site Scan Field from 3D Robotics on Vimeo.