Solo is designed to work seamlessly with your GoPro® so you can focus on getting the best shots possible. You can start capturing footage right away with the included GoPro® The Frame™ mount for your GoPro® Hero3+ Black, GoPro® Hero4 Black, GoPro® Hero4 Silver. Alternatively, the Solo Gimbal gives you smooth video and direct control over the camera angle via the Controller and the Solo App.

To attach your camera to the Solo Gimbal:

Attach Your GoPro

Add Balance Weights

Since each GoPro has a unique weight, some versions require additional weight for proper stabilization. If your GoPro requires additional weight, add the included weights to the top and bottom of the GoPro as seen below for the best performance. Tighten the corresponding weights down with your fingers by twisting them into place.


To attach your camera to the fixed mount:

1.  Insert your GoPro® upside down and connect the Solo HDMI cable to the camera.

2.  Make sure that the Wi-Fi on your GoPro® is turned OFF. It can interfere with Solo’s communication signals and cause unexpected behavior. 3  Adjust the camera settings for inverted orientation and medium field of view. Setting the field of view to medium ensures that you won’t see the propellers in the frame. For the best video quality for the GoPro Hero 4 Black, we recommend using these settings.