Safety for LiPo Batteries


Your drone runs on a 5100 mAh 3S 8C lithium polymer battery, commonly referred to as a LiPo battery.  LiPo batteries are lighter, have higher capacities, and are more powerful than most other types of battery.
LiPo batteries require extreme care in how you charge, discharge, and store them.
Capacity – 5100 mAh
The battery has fuel tank of 5100 mAh, or 5.1 Amps.
Voltage – 11.1 V
Voltage directly correlates to the RPM of the electric motor, so the higher the voltage, the higher the motor output and speed.
A LiPo battery comprises multiple LiPo cells, or series (S). Each cell or series provides a voltage of 3.7V. The IRIS battery has three cells and thus has a voltage of 11.1.


Flying with a low battery is a safety risk and can render the battery permanently unusable. Always fly with a fully charged battery.


Charge the battery using a designated LiPo balance charger only. Always monitor the battery while charging. Protect the battery from extreme heat, extreme cold, puncturing, and flammable surfaces. Always transport, charge, and store the battery in the guard bag.

LiPo Charging Bag
LiPo Charging Bag


If You Crash

Inspect the battery for damage before and after flying. If you observe any swelling of the package or the battery ceases to function, do not use the battery.


Do not dispose of the battery in the trash; dispose of the battery at local battery recycling center. In the US and Canada, visit to find a location.