Integrate BIM 360 with Site Scan

Autodesk BIM 360 is the industry-leading construction management platform. Streamlining Site Scan data into your team’s BIM 360 workflows supercharges design, construction, and management of projects across all your teams and offices. If you don’t have a BIM 360 account you can get a free trial here. In this article, you will learn the following:

  1. Import design files from BIM 360 projects
  2. Identify and create BIM 360 Field issues
  3. Export data products to BIM 360 projects


Overlay up-to-date design files
Pull your CAD and PDF design files from BIM 360 into Site Scan and overlay them onto your orthomosaics, so you can compare design to reality and spot mistakes. If a design file changes in BIM 360, it will automatically update in Site Scan.
Spot and submit issues from the office
Spot a problem on your jobsite that needs to be fixed? Create issues directly on your orthomosaic in Site Scan and push them to BIM 360 Field, making it easy to collaborate with your field personnel and resolve issues quickly and effectively.
Share drone data with your team
Push your Site Scan drone data—orthomosaics, point clouds, digital elevation models, and more—into your BIM 360 account so it’s easily accessible in tools like Revit, BIM 360 Glue and Field, and more.

Enable BIM 360 integrations

  1. Add Site Scan to your BIM 360 account
    1. Your team’s BIM 360 admin can turn on Site Scan in the Account Admin of your team’s BIM 360 account. You must be using the new version of BIM 360 built on the Forge platform to access this integration.
    2. Visit the Apps section of the BIM 360 Account Admin. Scroll down until you see Site Scan.
    3. Click on Site Scan to open the app profile.
    4. Click the Add to BIM 360 button.
    5. Click authorize to add Site Scan to your BIM 360 account.
  2. Connect to BIM 360
    1. Log in to your Site Scan account
    2. Open the account menu by clicking your email in the top right corner
    3. Click Connect to BIM 360
    4. You will be taken to the Autodesk login page
    5. Log in to your BIM 360 account
    6. Authorize Site Scan
    7. Now all three BIM 360 integrations will be enabled


Overlay design files

  1. Connect to your BIM 360 account if you haven’t already. See step one.
  2. Click the Upload button in the toolbar and click Overlay
  3. In the upload modal click Import From BIM 360
  4. Select a BIM 360
  5. Select a project
  6. Select the design file you would like to overlay
  7. If you select a PDF you will need to follow steps to georeference the file on the map
  8. Once the file is imported turn on the overlay in the sidebar and compare plan vs progress


Create BIM 360 issues and RFIs

  1. Connect to your BIM 360 account if you haven’t already. See step one.
  2. Click the Create Issues button in the toolbar
  3. Select the account, project, and issue or RFI
  4. Add a title and description
  5. The project, flight, and link are automatically added to the description for easily navigating back to the related flight from BIM 360

Export to BIM 360

  1. Connect to your BIM 360 account if you haven’t already. See step one.
  2. Click the Export button on the ride side of the toolbar
  3. In the dropdown click the Autodesk icon next to the file you would like to export to BIM 360
  4. In the modal select the account and project you would like to export to