Cable Cam creates a smooth shot by flying Solo automatically along a virtual cable between any number of waypoints that you specify initially. Basically, after starting the shot, you fly Solo to each successive waypoint in turn, press A on the controller, and so on. To save the last waypoint, press B, after which you can start Solo flying along its virtual cable.

You can also have Solo rotate during the shot. In addition, if you have the Solo Gimbal, you can automate aiming the camera on the vertical axis as the shot occurs.


Enter Cable Cam by pressing A on the controller or by selecting Cable Cam from the Shot List in the app

You’re then prompted to fly Solo to the start point and save it as the first Cable Cam point by pressing A, which you can do either on the Controller or on the App screen.

Then fly to your next point and save it by pressing A again. Continue moving to new locations, pressing A at each point to save a waypoint. To finish recording waypoints, press B; this sets a final waypoint at the current location and switches to a mode where you can fly along the recorded cable. Try adding a difference in altitude or orientation between the two points for an impressive cinematic effect.

Operating Cable Cam:

Once you have all waypoints set, you can operate Cable Cam either with the controller’s joysticks or through the Solo app. Whichever option you choose, remember you can press Pause to stop Solo, and press Fly to enter standard flight at any time.
Using the Joysticks
Moving the right stick to the right flies Solo forward along the cable path; that is, in the order that you recorded the waypoints. Moving the right stick to the left flies Solo in the reverse direction. At any point you can release the stick to pause Solo along the cable. If  you turn on Free Look in Cable Cam Settings, you can use the left stick to override the camera and look left and right.

Using the App

To control Cable Cam through the App, tap the right arrow at the bottom center of the screen to fly Solo through the sequence of waypoints in the order you recorded them, and the left arrow to fly through the waypoints in reverse order.

Cable Cam Settings

To adjust Cable Cam’s settings, tap the Options icon (three dots) in the bottom-left corner. Turn on Free Look to be able to control the camera manually during the shot. The Time Of Cable slider lets you adjust Solo’s overall speed while flying the shot. To enable a slow-motion effect, turn on Time Lapse and increase the Time Of Cable setting.

For complete and detailed information on how Cable Cam works, including how to save and load Cable Cam shots in the App, get a PDF download of the manual here.