Use the Solo app to perform compass and level calibrations when prompted by the controller. There’s no need to perform calibrations before each flight unless instructed to by the controller. Connect the app to Solo Wi-Fi and select a calibration from the Solo menu. Ensure that Solo and the controller are powered on with the propellers removed.

Compass Calibration

Solo requires an interference-free environment for compass calibration, so ensure that you are away from metal buildings, reinforced concrete, or other metal structures before starting calibration. The app will prompt you to rotate Solo end-over-end multiple times until the bar at the top of the screen is completely green. If the calibration fails, move to a different location and try again.

Level Calibration

A level calibration zeroes Solo’s accelerometers to recognize static states. To perform a level calibration, follow the prompts to place Solo perfectly still on each side in turn. In each step, wait a few seconds after moving Solo to press Next.

Are you still having issues calibrating Solo?