Once you are connected to Solo Wi-Fi through the app, change your password to secure your network. While you’re here, you can also change the name of your Wi-Fi network.

To change your Wi-Fi password and name:

1. In the Solo app, select Settings at the bottom of the screen.

2. Choose Solo to access the options for your drone.

3. Choose Solo Name & Wi-Fi to access the network settings.

4. Set a new password between 8 and 32 characters with no spaces.
Optional: change the Solo Name to one of your preference. The name must consist of “SoloLink_” followed by 1-23 alphanumeric characters. The underscore character (_) is also permissible.
For example, “SoloLink_Bob_Smith” is permissible, but “SoloLink_$#@” is not. For both the Solo Name and Password, the app lets you know if your entry doesn’t fit the requirements.
5. Select Apply to enable your changes.

You’re done! Solo is secure and can be accessed only with your new credentials.