Suggested Software:

ReCap 360 Pro:


Site Scan customers frequently want to use the 3D meshes of their work site to provide frequent client updates and leverage as marketing material to win future work. Follow the tutorial below to learn how 3DR Site Scan and Autodesk ReMake can be used together to create amazing marketing collateral and videos for updating clients and augmenting bids.
1. Scan or Survey your object of interest.
Don’t know whether to perform a Scan or a Survey? As a general rule, if your area/object of interest has vertical faces, use the Scan tool. Otherwise, use Survey.
2.  Geotag your images, upload the images to the 3DR Cloud, and initiate processing with Autodesk ReCap. For this workflow, make sure you select RCM as one of the data outputs.
Confused by Autodesk file formats? Ortho will generate a georeferenced aerial map and digital elevation model, RCS will generate a point cloud for use in Civil 3D and other Autodesk products, RCM will generate a mesh for use in ReMake, FBX will generate a mesh for use in other Autodesk products, OBJ will generate a mesh for import into all 3D viewers, and LAS will generate a point cloud for import into all point cloud viewers.
3.  Wait until processing is completed. Monitor job progress through Site Scan Manager.
4.  Open Autodesk ReMake and open a project from your A360 Cloud drive. Your recent missions should automatically appear as tiles at the bottom of your screen. If they do not, click “browse” and ReMake will let you manually import an RCM file or use the 3DR mobile app to share an RCM file.

5.  Crop your model. The quality of meshes generated using photogrammetric processes will often be very low around the fringes. The model below is a striking example.

Use the selection tool to select the object of interest

And invert the selection

Then delete the unwanted mesh area
Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 4.09.06 PM
6.  Record a turntable video

Navigate to the export video menu and export a simple turntable video. Experiment with the concentric rings and the preview button to generate what you imagine your clients would like to see. My example is here.
7.  Record a keyframe video

Another alternative is to record flythrough using key frames. Navigate to several features you’d like to highlight in your model and connect them with keyframes. My example is here.
8.  Share your video! Upload to YouTube or Vimeo or email to relevant parties. Enjoy!