This kit includes the complete parts to assemble one Quad frame with the Pixhawk autopilot system, including motors, propellers, electronic speed controllers (ESCs), power module, u-blox GPS with compass, and GPS mast.


Important notes: This kit does not include an RC receiver and transmitter, battery, or battery charger, and does not include all the components necessary to connect a Tarot gimbal to the Quad. If you plan to use the Tarot gimbal with your Quad, please view the voltage information here. This kit requires soldering.


  • Blue and black arms
  • Updated body plates
  • Power distribution board
  • Bolts, nuts, standoffs, and complete assembly hardware
  • Threadlocker
  • Four 880 kV brushless motors with bullet connectors
  • Four electronic speed controllers (ESCs)
  • One complete 10-inch propeller set (four individual 10×4.7 propellers)
  • Pixhawk autopilot with power module, I2C splitter module, and mounting foam
  • u-blox GPS with compass
  • GPS mast