Suggested Software:

ReCap 360 Pro:


Site Scan customers use point clouds throughout their engineering and design workflows. The .rcs point clouds generated by Site Scan drop directly into Civil 3D, Infraworks, and Revit, but basic manipulation, classification, annotation, and measurement is most easily performed using ReCap 360 Pro.

  1. Begin a new scan project. This is not super intuitive, but you must start a scan project to import your Site Scan point cloud.
    Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 5.04.30 PM
  2. Import the .rcs file from your A360 Drive or local computer and launch your project.
  3. Crop your point cloud using the select and delete tools
  4. Use the Colormode Tool to classify points by elevation
  5. Use the note tool to add annotations and images. These can be shared with other ReCap users through the .rcp file.
  6. Select the Distance tool. Use “Freehand” to measure the straight line distance between arbitrary points, the ortho tool to force the measurement to follow the x, y, or z axes, and the “Three Point” to measure an angle. Measurements and annotations are available in the sidebar.
  7. Select a group of points using the select tool
  8. Add points to the region
  9. These regions can be turned on and off to visualize different areas and persist throughout Autodesk workflows.