Attention: Before performing this procedure, contact customer support. A premature Factory Reset can cause software compatibility issues.  

Step 1: Reset the Vehicle

Start by powering off Solo. Next, use a paperclip or similar tool to press and hold Solo’s Pair button while powering on Solo. (Make sure you feel the Pair button click down underneath the paperclip to verify you have properly activated the button.) Continue holding the Pair button for at least 15 seconds after power-up.

Below the Accessory Port and adjacent to the Pair button is a small orange LED Pair indicator light. Once this light starts flashing rapidly, about five times per second, release the Pair button.

Still not seeing the orange LED flash rapidly after holding the Pair button for 15 seconds? Follow these troubleshooting steps:
1.) Turn the vehicle off.
2.) Try again by turning the vehicle on while holding the Pair button. Be sure to watch the orange LED as you turn it on.
3.) If the LED flashes rapidly for up to 30 seconds, leave it alone for five minutes to complete the update
4.) If, when you turn on the Solo, the LED stays solid orange and never turns off, then please submit a ticket to customer support. There is likely a problem with the on-board computer.
5.) If the LED is solid for one second, then dark for 20 seconds, then starts flashing once per second or becomes solid again, then Solo booted up normally and the factory reset never initiated. Try performing a factory reset again. If the factory reset still doesn’t start, it is possible that you’re not pressing the Pair button correctly (it’s tough!) or it is damaged.

Step 2: Reset the Controller

To reset the Controller, start with the Controller powered off. Hold the Power and Fly buttons simultaneously until you see the controller-updating display. The Controller will restart, taking up to five minutes, followed by the screen turning off for one minute.


If you don’t see the Updating screen, and instead see the Waiting for Solo or Preflight Update screen, follow these troubleshooting steps:
1.) Turn off the controller and try again.
2.) If you are unable to begin the reset after several attempts, then there could be a hardware problem. Take a look at the little LED indicator lights inside the controller (they are visible through the vents in the back) and report their status to your tech support agent.

  • There should be red, green, and orange lights. If the orange light is solid, then there is a problem with the computer onboard the controller. It did not boot up correctly.
  • If there is a red light but no orange or green light, then the computer onboard the controller is not receiving power.
  • If the orange light is flashing twice per second, then the controller should be operating normally and a factory reset should work.

When the Controller reset is complete, you will see one of these two completion screens:


As the vehicle reset nears completion, you will see the lights under the arms change between many different colors, followed by a sequence of beeps. The reset is complete once the lights stop changing colors. Upon completion, the lights will freeze on their current colors, so they may all be the same color or they may be different colors.

Step 3: Pairing
Once the Factory Reset has been completed, the Solo and Controller will automatically lose communication between each other, we need to “pair” them. Please follow the instruction in the following link for Pairing Process.