As part of first-time setup, you’ll need to run a initial software update. This requires that you have downloaded the Solo App to your mobile device.

  1. Start by powering both Solo and the controller. The following controller screen lets you know that it’s ready to start the update.

  1. Open the Solo App on your mobile device; the home screen resembles this:

  1. Because your mobile device has never connected to this Solo before, you first need to link your device with Solo Wi-Fi (SoloLink). On the app screen, tap the Connect button in the top-left corner. Then follow these instructions to connect to Solo Wi-Fi:

After you connect, your mobile device informs you that it is connected to SoloLink and prompts you to click to resume. Tap the alert to return to the Solo app.

If you’re prompted to create a unique Wi-Fi name and password for your Solo, click Cancel to return to the app. You can change the Wi-Fi name and password at any time via Settings. If you’re now on the App home screen, tap the Settings button or the “Software Update Available” button to continue.

  1. You’re now on the Software Update screen; tap the Begin button at the bottom to initiate the update.

  1. As the update proceeds, the app informs you “The update is being transferred to Controller and Solo.” and a progress bar appears at the top of the screen.

After the progress bar completes, the Controller screen switches to the “Controller updating” message shown following:

  1. The Controller turns off briefly, then restarts and displays this screen:

  1. As prompted, press A on the Controller to continue. Also, in the app, press the Next button. The app prompts you to connect when you see the green checkmark, so press Connect and reconnect to SoloLink.
  1. When the update is complete, Solo’s LEDs turn green and the app shows that the software is up to date. Solo’s LEDs will turn off one by one, then switch to standard flight configured (red and white). If the green LEDs do not turn off, restart Solo to complete the update.

Congratulations, Solo is now updated and ready to take flight!