Follow creates a virtual tether between Solo and a GPS-equipped mobile device, allowing Solo to track you or another subject in motion. With Follow, Solo can either remain stationary and track the subject by rotating, or it can move along with the subject.
If the Follow subject is engaged in an activity that prevents them from using the controller, you are required to use a safety pilot during Follow. The subject carries the mobile device and is followed by Solo, while the safety pilot holds the Controller and must be ready to regain manual control at any time.
Do not allow more than 500 feet of distance between the Controller and the mobile device; however, specific range limits depend on the device being used. If too much distance is allowed between the Controller and the mobile device, the two could lose their connection.


Take off normally and select Follow from the Shot List in the app. Follow starts in Look At Me mode, in which it stays in one place while turning to face the subject.

To have Follow move to track the subject, tap the Follow icon at the bottom of the screen.

You can switch between Follow and Look at Me modes at any time while the shot is active.

To operate Follow:

When Follow mode is active, use the controller sticks to customize the angle of your shot as Solo tracks your mobile device’s position. At any time during Follow, press Pause to stop Solo: The camera continues to track the subject. Press Fly to return to standard flight.
Right stick: Move forwards/backwards to adjust the following distance and left/right to orbit the subject.
Left stick: Move forwards/backwards to adjust the altitude and left/right to override the camera and pan either direction.

Alternatively, you can also press the left and right arrows (Orbit Left and Orbit Right) in the app to orbit Solo around the subject.

Follow Settings

Follow has a single setting, Free Look, which you can access by tapping the Options icon (three dots) in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Free Look lets you aim the camera manually with the Controller left joystick instead of the default behavior of always pointing toward the subject. When you enable Free Look, a warning appears letting you know that you now use the left paddle on the top edge of the controller to adjust Solo’s altitude.