On Mission Planner:
1.- Open up the Mission Planner software, and wait until you are connected.
2.- Go to the CONFIG / TUNING tab and select the Full Parameter List from the list to the left.
3.- Once the new windows opens up, please click the drop down box below the Disconnect button and select the file “3DR_Aero_RTF.param”.
4.- Click Load Params just below the drop down box and a dialog box will appear.
5.- Click OK and another dialog box will appear, in here you can compare your current values to the new values about to be overwritten by the param file, click Continue and you will finish.

On APM Planner:
1.- Open up the APM Planner software.
2.- Once you are connected, please click File and click Advanced View.
3.- Then go to CONFIG / TUNING tab, in here select the Full Parameter List from the buttons on the left.
4.- On the new screen, click Download Param Files.
5.- Please select 3DR_Aero_RTF in the dialogue box and click Download.
6.- On the new screen select OK and Continue.