1. Go to initial setup, install firmware and install ArduPlane firmware (step needed to erase all the configurations).
  2. Reinstall Iris+ firmware. See the previous question
  3. Load Iris+ parameters:
  1. Using mission planner:
    1. Connect to mission planner.
    2. Go to mandatory hardware.
    3. Select frame type, go to default settings, select 3DR_Iris+.param, click load params and click continue.
  2. Using apm planner:
    1. Connect to apm planner.
    2. Go to mandatory setup.
    3. Select frame type, click “load parameters for common frame typ 4.button, select 3DR_Iris+, click download, yes, ok, click write params.


  1. Calibrate the compass:
    1. Be sure to be using mission planner 1.3.10 or higher or apm planner 2.0.14 or higher. If you need to download the software go to http://ardupilot.com/downloads.
    2. Click here for an instructional video. NOTE: please select the Pixhawk/PX4 orientation.


  1. Calibrate the accelerometer:
    1. Click here for an instructional video.

6. Calibrate the radio:

  1. Click here for an instructional video.