The Inspect flight mode allows you to inspect structures and job sites .You can use the zoom lens for the Sony R10C camera to take advantage of it’s optical zoom capabilities, and control the Site Scan Drone in a GPS assisted flight mode to get the right shot every time.
This flight mode is available after version 1.3.4 of the Site Scan Field app. To start, please select the Inspect icon from the flight modes menu.

You will then be taken to a screen with instructions on how to manually fly the Site Scan Drone. This will be done in a GPS assisted flight mode, that will allow the vehicle to remain in the same spot if no commands are given by the pilot. Please refrain from using the Inspect feature if you do not feel confortable manually controlling the drone.

After you hit”OK” at the bottom, you will be given a few pointers. Please be sure to read them before continuing and hit “I’m Ready” when done.

The next screen allows you to choose the Take off altitude to which the Site Scan Drone will fly to when it takes off. Modify it by using the slider on the right. You can also set the altitude at which the vehicle will return to the take off point. Make sure it can clear all obstacles.

Click on “Fly Inspection” at the bottom and it will take you to the Pre – Flight checklist. If all of them pass drag the slider at the bottom to the right to take off. If any of these fail please refer to the Site Scan user’s manual to lear how to correct it.

You will switch over to the flight screen. It will display what the camera is seeing at the center and the map showing the position of the vehicle at the top right corner.

Once the drone reaches the set take off altitude, move the vehicle over to the area you want to inspect using the control sticks. You can use the shutter button to take pictures.

You can also use the zoom slider on the left to use the optical zoom from the zoom lens included in your Site Scan package. As before, use the shutter button to take a picture.

Once you’re done you can click on the home button on the controller or the home icon at the bottom left corner of the screen to have the vehicle return to the take off point. You can still use the right stick to re position the drone as it lands to avoid obstacles or you can use the Pause button to stop it and make it hoover in case an obstacle is temporarily blocking your path.

After the survey finishes you’ll get a message saying that survey has been completed and it will then display the number of images it took.
Click on done and go over to your Jobs page and locate the Survey you just did. Before turning off the drone or the controller, click on “Get Images” at the bottom to start downloading the images from the camera.

A progress bar will apear at the bottom and the gray thumbnails will start getting filled up with the images that you took. Once they’re done you can click on each thumbnail to see a full resolution version of the image. You can also zoom in and out to better inspect details from the structure or job site that was just flown.

If you have any questions please contact our Success Services team for further assistance.