Why am I receiving magnetic interference alerts?

Solo has two internal compasses and an external compass nested in leg #04. Solo relies on these compasses to determine direction, and sometimes these compass readings can get thrown off by nearby metal objects or magnets that have gotten too close. If this is the case, you may receive a ‘Magnetic Interference’ alert.

To troubleshoot for magnetic interference:

  • Check your surroundings for nearby metal objects

Nearby metal objects are the most likely causes of magnetic interference. If you have checked your surroundings and still can’t see any metal objects that could be causing the interference, try moving Solo to a new take-off location. Metal can sometimes be tough to spot, like steel rebar in concrete and pipes running underground for instance.

  • Move away from radio frequency emitters 

Make sure you are not near power lines or radio frequency emitters like cell and radio towers. These emissions can interfere with the electronic device performance and/or alterations on magnetic field readings.

  • Try performing a compass calibration

If you have checked your surroundings and you are confident Solo isn’t close to anything metal, it is possible that the compasses has been demagnetized by a magnet that came too close to Solo. Try performing a compass calibration to check for this possibility. If a compass calibration didn’t solve the issue and you are still receiving a Magnetic Interference alert, please contact Tech Support.