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Manually taking oblique images with R10C and Site Scan Field

Oblique images can be used standalone or incorporated into the photogrammetry process to include the orthomosaic, mesh, or model that is generated. Nadir imagery is generally not sufficient to build an accurate point cloud of a site that contains vertical surfaces. Site Scan allows you to take oblique images autonomously, however you also have the option of taking oblique images manually.

As previously mentioned, there is no need to acquire these images manually. You can plan out an autonomous “Crosshatch survey” which would also help you complementing the nadir imagery collected using “Area Survey“.

Follow the steps below to acquire oblique images manually :

  1. Set up a “New Survey” from within Site Scan Field.
  2. After you click on the “Fly Survey” button and go through the pre flight checklist, you can take off by sliding the button to the right.
  3. Press “Pause” to pause the survey and “FLY” on the controller to exit Survey Mode and enter Fly Mode. You will see Site Scan Field surface an error.
  4. Fly around manually using the control sticks and gimbal paddle. To take an image, depress the gimbal paddle. Land manually or by pressing the Home button on the controller or within Site Scan Field.
  5. After landing, the images get pulled from the vehicle to the iPad as shown hereNote: the expected number of images will correspond to that expected by the original survey, so you will usually see a “Survey Partially Complete” warning.

  6. Upload the images to Site Scan Manager or view them from within Site Scan Field
  7. Once uploaded to Site Scan Manager, your images can be accessed from any device, can be visualized on a map, and processed into an ortho, mesh, or point cloud using the Autodesk ReCap service that is included with your Site Scan subscription.

Process Job

To process the job, log into sitescan.3dr.com and log in using your Site Scan credentials.

Click on the top center of the screen to open a drop down window showing your different Projects. Select the one containing the Job you want to process.

Click on the window at the top left to display a drop down menu showing all the different Jobs available within that Project. You can also use the arrows pointing left and right to scroll between them, they’re ordered by date. Once you select the Job that you want, click on the “Process” button next to the Job window.

This will ask you to log into your Autodesk A360 account. After logging in the processing phase will start. You can tell that the Job is processing by the icon that appears next to the “ortho” section under Data Layers.

After processing is complete, click the Share icon at the top right corner of the screen which will open a window with all the resulting files. Clicking on any one of them will initiate the download of said file.



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