Oblique images can be used standalone or incorporated into the photogrammetry process to be included on the orthomosaic or model that is generated. Nadir imagery is generally not sufficient to build an accurate point cloud of a site that contains vertical surfaces. By combining oblique and nadir imagery you can generate a single point cloud or mesh of a structure and its surroundings. Furthermore you can combine 2 or more surveys that overlap each other to have results that cover a larger area, even if there is no oblique imagery used. All of this can now be easily done directly from the Site Scan Manager’s new feature: “Merge Jobs”.
Start by choosing the Project that contains the Jobs you want to combine. You want to make sure that they were flown in the same site under similar lighting conditions and elevation, or if you want to cover a larger area on a single output file, that the Jobs overlap each other. You can choose the project by clicking the “Open Projects” section at the top center of the screen.

Then click on the Project you want to use from the Drop down menu

Once you’ve chosen a Project that contains multiple jobs that you can combine, you’ll see the “Merge Jobs” button.

Click on it once to pull up the “Create Job” window. This will require you to name the resulting Job from the Merge you’re about to perform. After you give it a name click “Next”.

The next step is to select the Jobs you want to merge. You will be shown a list displaying the name of each Job within that Project, along with the date it was created and the number of pictures it contains. You can choose the Jobs you want to combine by clicking on the check box on the left. As you select each Job you will notice that the image counter at the bottom increases. Please make sure to stay within the 500 image limit. Once the Jobs have been selected click on “Create new Job” at the bottom.

Now all you have to do is wait for this Merge to finish processing, after which you can export the files as you would with any other Job in Site Scan.