As a Principal for a survey, earthwork, or construction firm, you don’t have the time to muck with point clouds and virtual design. You want to get directly to the meat of the issue–how much earth or aggregate do I need to move to make my client happy and make some money. These numbers can be most rapidly generated from topographic contour maps, which can now be generated in a single click from the Site Scan web app.

  1. Navigate to¬†and open up a job with which you have processed an orthomosiac image. If you don’t have a job containing an ortho, click “Process Job” to generate one.
  2. Click “Process Derivative”. You will be asked for the contour interval in meters. After specifying, click “Generate Contour”.
  3. The app will make a request to our servers and generate a contour .shp file that can be downloaded in your data viewer with the “Download” button.
  4. These contours can be viewed and manipulated in any GIS application including QGIS and ArcMap. If you would like to view in AutoCAD or Google Earth, use the QGIS to convert to .dxf, .dwg, or .kml. These contours can be used directly in site planning, cut and fill calculations, volumetrics, or mapping.

One-click contours from the Site Scan web app from 3D Robotics on Vimeo.