Orbit lets you fix the camera on a subject and fly Solo along a circular path around it.

To configure Orbit:

Begin by selecting Orbit from the Shot List. This takes you to the map screen, where you see Solo’s position (green arrow) and the targeted subject location (yellow/gray bullseye), also known as the center point. The line between them shows the current Orbit radius. To change the target point, drag the map so the new center point is under the bullseye icon.

Once the Orbit target is placed at your desired location on the map, press A on the Controller to set the center point. The app then confirms that the Orbit center point is saved.

Orbit Operation:

Control Orbit from the app by tapping the left and right arrows.

To fly Solo along the orbit path using the Controller, move the right stick left and right. To decrease or increase the radius, move the right stick up or down, respectively. To temporarily override the camera’s lock on the subject, move the left stick left or right; this forces Solo to pan left or right.
You can also adjust Solo’s altitude by moving the left stick up and down. Use the paddle on top of the Controller to raise and lower the altitude of the target.

To stop Solo at any time, press Pause, or press Fly to exit to standard flight.

Orbit Settings

To access the Orbit settings, tap the icon with the three dots in the bottom-right corner of the screen. From here you can use the slider to adjust the default cruise speed for Orbit. By default the cruise speed is set to 2.2 mph (1 m/s).