Site Scan Manager enables you to organize your jobs by project. This allows you to more easily monitor progress over time, stay consistent with coordinate systems, and use ground control points and design and engineering overlays throughout a project.
Note: Site Scan Field does not currently support projects. All Field jobs will automatically populate your default project and must be manually moved to the correct project from Site Scan Manager. Support in Field is coming soon.
To set up a project, follow the steps below.

  1. Click “Add New Project”
  2. Specific name, project location (by either sampling the map or specifying lat long), and CRS (coordinate reference system). Here, I sampled my hometown of Boulder and specified Colorado North State Plane. To find your coordinate system, type in either the EPSG code or state and click on the appropriate option. The CRS will be used for specifying GCPs (ground control points) and working with other GIS data from within your project.
    Note: You can edit the name and location, but not the CRS, of your project after creation using the pencil button to the right of the project name.
  3. To move jobs into your new project, find them in your Default Project, click the “Edit Job” tab, and select your new project name.
  4. Your job is now viewable from within your new project. GCPs and CAD files are shared across all jobs within a project.

Organizing projects with Site Scan Manager from 3D Robotics on Vimeo.