Comparing aerial imagery and orthomoasics to the original designs and plans is one of the most powerful ways to monitor site progress. Now it’s easy to identify where changes need to be made. Simply upload a PDF, select the page with the design, georeference in a couple clicks, and overlay the design on your ortho to spot any issues or discrepancies that need to be fixed.

Step 1

Upload a PDF

Click the Upload PDF button in the toolbar. On the next screen drag and drop your PDF or upload a file by clicking the upload button.

Step 2

Select Page

Use the left and right arrows to page through the PDF to find the design you want to overlay. Click the Choose Page button at the bottom when you have found the design you want to upload.


Step 3


First, select a point on the ortho that is notable and exists in the design. Next, select that same point in the design file. The points can be moved by clicking another location on the ortho and design.
Click the Next button and repeat this step one more time.

Click the dropdown to select a different ortho for georeferencing.


Step 4

View the Overlay

Your design file should now appear in the sidebar in the overlays section. Click the checkbox next to your overlay to view the design on top of the ortho.

To change the opacity of the overlay, click the percentage next to the file name. Use the slider to change the opacity then click save.