1.  Turn off the Solo and the Controller that you want to pair, along with any other Solos and Controllers nearby.

2.  Power on the Solo and Controller that you want to pair.

3.  Wait 30 seconds for Solo and the Controller to fully boot up.

4.  Identify the Pair button underneath Solo. It’s a small button inside the hole labeled Pair. You’ll need to use a paperclip or small screwdriver, or another similar tool to push it.

5.  Press the Pair button underneath Solo and hold for one second.

6.  When the Controller detects Solo, it will prompt you to accept the pairing request as seen in the screen below. (If the Controller does not detect Solo after thirty seconds, try pressing the Pair button underneath Solo again and repeat as needed.)

7.  Press A, then B and hold both buttons down. Once the Controller vibrates, you can let go. Within 20 seconds, the Controller will show “Solo Paired.”

Your Solo and Controller are now paired!

Still having trouble pairing? Here’s a few troubleshooting steps that might help:

  •  If you pressed B to cancel, reboot Solo and the Controller and press the Pair button in order to try again.
  • If you pressed the Pair button several times, but still aren’t seeing the Detected New Solo screen, then try turning off the Controller and listen for the disconnection sound (click Play button below) from the vehicle. If you do hear this sound, Solo and the Controller are already paired. If not, reboot Solo, turn the Controller back on and try pairing again.