If you experience a problem during one of your flights, the following procedures can help you avoid trouble.

Pause Button

The Pause button freezes Solo mid-air like an emergency air brake. This can be useful to stop Solo from hitting an obstacle or to re-orient Solo for navigation. Pressing Pause during Return Home or Land will also freeze Solo during these maneuvers.

Return to Home

The Return Home button allows you to bring your flight to an end by recalling Solo to its launch location and landing. Keep in mind that Return Home requires enough battery to get back to the launch point, so if you need to end your flight immediately then land manually or hold the Fly button. Return Home requires GPS lock prior to takeoff.

warning_triangleSolo does not avoid obstacles during its journey home, so make sure the return path is clear before activating Return Home.



If you need to immediately, hold the Fly button to land Solo at its current position.

Motor Shutoff

In the event that Solo’s motors do not stop after landing or for an emergency in-flight kill switch, Solo includes an emergency motor shutoff procedure. To shut off the motors at any time, either in flight or on the ground, hold the A, B, and Pause buttons at the same time. An initial screen will appear on the controller to confirm the shutoff command.
Continue to hold A, B, and Pause buttons to activate motor shutoff. If activated during flight, Solo will crash, so use this procedure only in case of emergency.