You will need:

1 Number ESCs

Use tape (or other method) to label each electronic speed controller (ESC) with a number one through eight.


2 Solder ESCs to PDB

Solder the large black and red wires from each ESC to one pair of the solder pads (silver squares) on the PDB; solder the black wire to the side labeled (-) and the red wire to the side labeled (+). The order of the pairs on the board doesn’t matter, but the red wire must connect to the side of the board labeled + and the black wire must connect to the side labeled -.

3 Connect ESCs to PDB

Take a look at the PDB and find the pins labelled M1 through M8 (motors 1 through 8), and make a note of which color wire connects to each. Now connect the three-wire cables from each ESC to these pins on the PDB according to the ESC numbers. This is where the order is critical. Connect the ESC that you labelled as “1” to the pins on the PDB labelled “M1”. Orient the cable with the white wire at the top (farthest from the base of the board) and the black wire at the bottom (closest to the base of the board). You should now have eight ESCs connected to the PDB through the black and red two-wire cables and the black, red, and white three-wire cables.