Use this checklist as a guide to prepare Solo for flight. Since it is easier to troubleshoot issues at home as opposed to out in the field, we recommend performing a handful of checks at home first.
If you have an equipment concern and can’t find the solution you are looking for in the Solo Knowledge Base, contact support here before flying.

Before leaving home, check…


Battery charges

Check that the flight batterycontroller battery, and your mobile device are charged up and ready to go. If you plan on using your GoPro®, make sure its battery is fully charged as well.


Flight equipment

Check for damaged or loose components.

warning_triangleInspect each propeller carefully for damage. Discard and replace any bent or chipped propellers.

Filming and streaming equipment

If you plan on using your GoPro® with Solo, attach your GoPro® and establish a live feed through the Solo App to make sure everything is communicating properly. Now is also a good time to make sure your Micro SD card has enough available storage to record your upcoming flight.

GoPro® and Micro SD Card — Optional for flight

Packing up

Now that you have made sure everything is in good working order, pack all your items carefully in your Solo carrying case. Make sure each item is snug and secure—it would be a shame to make it to the field to find something has broken during transportation.

In the field, check your flying location for…



Whether you are a veteran pilot or new to flying, never fly around people! Unforeseen flight hazards can occur at any time and you are ultimately responsible for the safety of yourself and others.


Inclement weather

Solo is not designed for harsh weather conditions. If it is windy, snowing, raining etc. pack up and wait for calmer skies.


Surrounding airports

Stay at least five miles away from surrounding airports.


Interfering Wi-Fi networks

Stay clear of crowded Wi-Fi environments. If you are in an area with many different Wi-Fi networks, your connection to Solo will not be as reliable. Also, tall objects such as telephone poles and cell towers cause Wi-Fi interference, so make sure that you are clear of these as well.

Setting up to fly, final checks…



Check that the propellers are correctly attached and spin smoothly without obstruction when turned. Once again, check the propellers to be sure they are not bent or chipped as damage can occur during travel.



Antenna configuration

Angle the antennas down and away from the controller so they are approximately perpendicular with Solo in flight. Tilt each antenna out and away from one another at a 20° angle.




GoPro® configuration (optional)

Before attaching your GoPro® to Solo, make sure to insert your Micro SD card and check that you’ve applied the recommended GoPro® settings. Once you’ve attached the camera,establish a live feed make sure the Solo App is registering the GoPro® feed.

warning_triangleDouble-check that your GoPro®’s  Wi-Fi is disabled before taking flight. Failure to do so can lead to unexpected behavior.



Level takeoff surface

For a smooth takeoff, Solo requires a flat and solid launch surface.



Safe takeoff/landing area

Make sure Solo has 20 ft of space in each direction to take off from and land on. Depending on the GPS strength at your location, Solo’s Return Home feature might require a little extra room.



Return Home accuracy

Since GPS strength can vary from location to location, the exact landing point of a Return Home call can differ slightly from the original launch point. Just so you know where exactly where Solo will land in the future, take off with Solo, fly out a small distance, and test the Return Home feature to see where Solo has pinpointed to land.

Give your surroundings one last check!

A good amount of time has probably gone by since beginning your preflight checks, leaving time for people to have wandered into your flying area while you were busy making your way down the list. Give your surroundings one more good look for any potential flying hazards and just remember to use common sense for safe flying.
Fly on!