• 24 Mhz Cortex-M3 failsafe microcontroller
  • 6-18V input, 5V / 2 A output
  • Reverse polarity protection on all power inputs
  • 8 high-speed servo outputs (up to 400 Hz)
  • Futaba S.Bus compatible servo output
  • PPM, Spektrum and Futaba S.Bus compatible receiver inputs (sum signal format, all channels on one connector)
  • 2x 0-40 V, 1 A solid-state relays (MOSFET)
  • 2x 5 V, 500mA current-limited, switched 5V power outputs
  • Analog port with voltage divider (differential pressure sensors)
  • PX4 Expansion bus (stacked on PX4FMU)
  • The kit includes four nylon spacers, a power connector (not soldered), 3×9 pin headers, 3×4 pin headers and a power cable that can be soldered directly to the board or to said connector.
  • Board weight, 9.62 g