You can help maximize the quality of your videos and photos by taking a few minutes to adjust your GoPro’s settings. Although the following recommendations aren’t perfect for every filming situation, these settings work well for most outdoor flying.
Note: the following settings refer to the GoPro HERO4 Black. If you are using a different model, try to match as many of these settings as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about why we recommend these settings, keep reading!

Resolution: 2.7K

Although the GoPro HERO4 Black is capable of shooting 4K video, we recommend using  2.7K resolution instead. 4K video is limited by the fact that you must shoot at 30 frames per second, so your resulting footage isn’t as smooth. Also, the 4K setting enforces a wide FOV, which causes the propellers to be visible.

FPS (frames per second) : 60

For FPS, the higher the frame rate, the more images the camera captures and thus the smoother your footage. Using a higher frame rate is especially helpful when flying and moving at quick speeds.

FOV: Medium

Using a wider field of view could result in Solo’s legs appearing in the shot.

Low Light: Off

Although it’s normally best to keep the Low Light setting off, this mode can come in handy when filming a scene that transitions between dark and bright . With auto Low Light mode on, your GoPro intelligently changes  frame rates depending on lighting conditions, for optimal low-light performance.

Spot Meter: Off

Spot metering does not work with manually set ISO.

Protune: On

GoPro’s Protune results in higher-quality image capturing, and less-compressed, color-neutral video that lends itself extremely well to post-processing. However, if you don’t plan to post-process your video output and like the look of traditional video produced by GoPro, leave Protune off. Note: Using Protune can cause the live video displayed through the Solo App to look flatter than usual (that is, relatively unsaturated), but the video recorded in the camera is often superior to that recorded with Protune off.

White Balance: Auto

GoPro cameras are equipped with capable white-balancing sensors that perform well in most situations.

Color: GoPro

This maximizes native color saturation. If you need more-vivid colors, adjust the footage in post.

ISO: 400

This setting maximizes exposure sensitivity while minimizing noise. A higher ISO setting could result in poor image quality.

Sharpness: Medium

The Medium sharpness setting is fits most scenes well, higher settings can come out looking unrealistic.

EV Comp: 0

Leaving your exposure value at 0 will work best for the settings chosen above.