Drone Selfies are great for capturing unique shots of you and your surroundings from the air. With Solo, you can take an automatic selfie with just one click of a button. When choosing a location for your selfie, make sure you have 200 obstacle-free feet (61 m) of space above and behind Solo. Once Selfie is activated Solo will fly 164 feet (50 m) out and 82 feet (25 m) up.

To take a Selfie:

1.  Start by positioning Solo at a comfortable distance away from you. A hovering distance of about 10 feet away will place you nicely in the shot. Also orient Solo so the camera is aimed at you.
2. Select Selfie from the Shot List, then tap the screen with the instructions and diagram to get to the Selfie screen.

3.  To move Solo forward and back along the Selfie path with the controller, use the right stick. Alternatively, use the app to push Solo along by tapping the forward and back arrows. To stop Solo at any point along the flight path, press Pause. To exit manual control, press Fly.


You can use the Solo app to edit Selfie settings. Access these settings from the in-flight Selfie interface by selecting the icon with the three dots in the bottom-left. Use the sliders to adjust distance out, altitude up, and cruise speed.