Starting & Stopping the Motors

Select an open area for flying, away from people and buildings, and remember to bring the Flight Checklist and a fully charged battery. Determine the boundaries of your flying area before takeoff, and select a level, unobstructed space as a launch point. Assuming you have already attached the propellers and connected the battery, you can follow these instructions to start and stop the IRIS motors.

Starting the Motors

To activate the motors, hold the left stick down-right until the motors spin.
Now you’re ready for takeoff!
Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 1.38.29 PM 
When armed, IRIS spins its propellers. Ensure that the launch point is clear of obstructions before arming. Always disarm the motors before approaching IRIS.

Postflight: Stopping the Motors

1 Disarm Motors. After landing, hold the left stick down-left until the motors stop spinning.
2 Press safety button. Press the safety button until it displays blinking red to make IRIS safe to handle.
3 Disconnect battery. 
4 Power off controller. Your first flight is now complete! Follow the steps shown here and on the Flight Checklist every time you fly.