Need a 2D or 3D orthophoto of an area? With the Survey tool from Site Scan, this has never been easier. Simply draw an outline on a satellite image to select an area of interest to survey, set the resolution you need, and Site Scan’s Survey app automatically defines a set of photographs Solo needs to take and a flight pattern to get there.
Before performing a scan of an object using the following instructions, make sure you are connected to the Solo Wi-Fi network.

Navigate to the Survey tool:

1.) Begin by opening the Site Scan app. Once loaded, you are greeted by the Home Screen. To continue, select Flight Tools.

2.) Select Survey from the Flight Tool options.

Select your area of interest and configure settings:

1.) The screen switches to an overhead view of your surrounding area. Find an area of interest to outline by panning and zooming the view, then tap the Draw icon from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

2.) Then, as prompted, use your finger to draw an outline of the area you would like to survey.
Continue drawing until the line fully encloses the area.

3.) Based on your outline, the Site Scan app formulates a route for Solo to fly in order to survey the selected area. To configure additional settings for your upcoming mission, select the Options icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

5.) Within the Options area, you can adjust the map resolution with the control on the left side of the toolbar. You can choose one of three different resolutions for your photo:

  • LOW: fewest waypoints, fastest completion time, flown at 400 feet
  • MED: medium number of waypoints, medium completion time, flown at 200 feet
  • HIGH: greatest number of waypoints, high completion time, flown at 100 feet

Also in the Options area, you can toggle Throttle Failsafe: Continue In Auto Mode. When this option is on, even if Solo and the Controller lose communication, Solo continues its autopilot mission and lands when the mission is complete.
The third Options setting, Survey Type: Use Spline, lets you choose how the computed survey path is interpolated through the turning points. By default, the path changes at the turning points are sharp angles, but if you turn on the Use Spline option, the path through these points is a smooth curve.

6.) When your settings are configured, tap Done.

Launch Solo:

As a best practice, it is recommended that you give this preflight checklist a run through before taking off. It is important to identify potential obstacles in Solo’s flight path and validate a clear line of flight to return home in case of an emergency, and never fly above people.
1.) Once you have confirmed the mission’s route, arm and launch Solo using the prompts from the app: First tap Play …

2.) … then drag the slider rightward.
flight tools survey slide to start
3.) Solo then takes off and flies the computed path through the waypoints, taking photos at regular intervals.

After completing the mission, Solo automatically returns to the Home Location and lands.

Upload your project:

Once Solo has landed, click here for instructions on how to upload your project to the cloud for later use.