The Pixhawk autopilot system is a complete solution for multi-platform autonomous vehicles, based on the open-source Pixhawk autopilot. The Pixhawk kit includes a power module, I2C splitter, mounting foam, micro-SD card, buzzer, safety button, and required cables for connecting the Pixhawk system.

GPS with Compass

A GPS module provides in-flight positioning data for full autonomy. The GPS with Compass module adds high-performance GPS with improved accuracy over Pixhawk’s internal compass.

Telemetry radios

Air and ground telemetry radios enable live data and in-flight interaction with Pixhawk.

Radio control transmitter and receiver

An RC system is your direct link to the autopilot, providing fine-tuned manual control of your vehicle. You need both an RC transmitter (pictured above) and receiver. Pixhawk is compatible with PPM RC receivers and some Futaba S.BUS and Spektrum Satellite receivers. For traditional single-wire-per-channel (PWM) receivers, a PPM encoder can be used to convert the receiver outputs to PPM. Visit the APM Wiki for a list of RC system compatible with Pixhawk.
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ArduPilot Firmware

Firmware is the programming used by the autopilot to control the vehicle. The open-source ArduPilot firmware for plane, copter, or rover platforms features fully autonomous capabilities and customizable features. To install firmware onto Pixhawk, use either Mission Planner or APM Planner ground station applications. Visit the ArduPilot Wiki to learn more about APM firmware.
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