This guide provides information on how to use the Measurement Tool in Site Scan Manager

– Take Lat/Lon Coordinates on specific points

– Linear – Length measurements

– Areas

– Volume Measurements

Taking Single Point Coordinates

To take a measurement, open the Job

Click on the Measure button on the top menu and select “Marker” to extract lat/lon coordinates on a single point, a single click will drop a pin and display the exact XY location on earth.

Lenght Measurement

Click on the Measure button on the top menu and select “Distance” click once to set the first point and continue single-clicking to build a polyline. Once the line is complete, double click to terminate and measure.

Area Measurement

Click on the Measure button on the top menu and select “Area”, follow the same pattern as above, the shape will automatically be closed with a double click.

Rename Measurement

The measurements are saved in the menu on the left side of the screen. By default, it is saved with a code-name but you can Rename it by right-click on the name and then click on Rename

Volume Measurement

Due to the different capabilities of this tool, we created a separated article. Click here