Before initializing the takeoff sequence, carefully assess your flying environment and check for obstacles like buildings and trees that could pose flight hazards. It is very important to choose wide-open spaces to fly in to ensure Solo’s GPS system isn’t interfered with by surrounding objects.

Taking off

Once both Solo and the controller are powered on, and a GPS connection has been established, the controller prompts you to hold the Fly button to start Solo’s motors. Hold Fly to activate the motors.

With the propellers now spinning, Solo is ready for takeoff. To stop the motors any time Solo is on the ground with the motors spinning, press the Pause button.

Hold Fly once again, and Solo ascends to 10 ft. (3 m) and hovers in place.


To end your flight and land Solo at its current location, simply hold the Fly button.

The controller notifies you that landing is in progress.

 Your landing is complete!



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