Troubleshooting – Can’t Control Tarot Gimbal with RC Controller

Help! I’m not able to control my Tarot Gimbal with the RC Controller.


This issue commonly arises when the RC6 Channel (Knob) is not calibrated.
If it’s not calibrated it won’t be able to acquire all possible control values.

PWM Values


You should get a green bar on Radio 6 with values between:

A minimum of 1000
A maximum of 2000

On this example we see that Radio 6 has a minimum range of 992 and a maximum range of 2016.

Are you getting similar values?
If not:
Configure your RC Controller.
If you have a FlySky RC Controller follow this method to configure the RC Controller.
If you have any other controller please check your manual to configure the Channel 6 output on your controller.
If you are then the RC channel is already setup, so do the following:

GoPro gimbal mount.

Make sure that the GoPro is mounted on the gimbal.

To attach the GoPro:
1) Remove the two screws securing the blue face plate.
Remove the plate, and loosen the screws.

2) Slide camera into housing with the lens nearest the top-right corner.

3) Place the blue face plate over the camera, and secure from the back with the two original screws.

Now, you can connect the gimbal power cable to turn it ON.

If it is still not working:

Verify connections to Pixhawk.

Make sure that the signal cable is connected to the Aux 1 port on the Pixhawk as shown here. If you are using an Iris, open the Iris top shell and click here to see the instructions on how to remove the top shell.

If it is still not working, perform the following:

MP Configure


Let’s connect the vehicle to Mission Planner.

Once connected to Mission Planner, go to Initial Setup -> Optional Hardware > Camera Gimbal.

Make sure that you have the following values as shown here:

You should write in the same values as in the blue square.
Once you finish just go to Flight Data and the values will save.
If it is still not working, then perform the following:

Gimbal configure

Let’s try to update the firmware and configure the gimbal directly using a Configuration cable.

Please connect the power to the Gimbal because it’s very likely that the USB port won’t provide enough power to the Gimbal.
Download the Firmware update by clicking here.
Once downloaded save it on your PC.
Open the “ZYX-BMGC-EN_V1.5.exe” software, downloaded on the previous steps.

Select the correct COM port on “COM Select”.
Click the right mouse button over this file 3DR_TAROT.bgsc, select “Save link as…” and download the file to your computer.
Press the Load Config button, upload 3DR_TAROT.bgsc and click Write Settings to Flash.

If that fails to work, it seems that there may be another thing affecting the Tarot.
Please submit a ticket so with tech support to review your issue: