The two-axis Tarot brushless gimbal uses cutting-edge three-axis gyroscope technology to ensure jello-free images, no matter how fast you fly. Automatically compensating for the slightest movement, you’ll get stable video even in windy weather. Designed to accommodate the GoPro HERO 3, the Tarot Brushless Gimbal Kit includes a mounting plate for 2014 Quad, Y6, and X8. Your gimbal comes fully assembled and pre-configured to work with your copter’s transmitter for serious camera control on the fly. Tarot Brushless Gimbal Kit includes

  • Mounting plate to mount the gimbal to 2014 Quad, Y6, and X8
  • Tarot brushless gimbal – comes pre-assembled and pre-configured to work with your copter’s RC for in-flight camera control

Documentation and setup instructions Specifications

  • Support GoPro HERO3 video auxiliary output
  • Supply voltage polarity protection and voltage compensation
  • Motor drive end short-circuit protection
  • Sensitivity parameter adjustment and software 3D pose show through PC connection
  • Adjustable rocker rate mode and position mode
  • Supported receiver type : conventional receiver, S-BUS receiver, DSM2/DSMJ/DSMX receiver
  • Support for remote devices : PPM/PCM/2.4G
  • Working voltage: DC 7.4V ~ 14.8V (Recommended 12V, three lithium battery)
  • Working current: 200 mA-500 mA (power supply voltage and the motor related)
  • Working environment temperature: -15 ℃ ~ 65 ℃
  • Processor: Dual 32-bit high-speed ARM core processor
  • Sensor: Three axis MEMS gyroscope and MEMS accelerometers
  • Maximum angular rate : 2000 ° / sec
  • Control frequency: 2000 Hz
  • Motor drive frequency: 20 kHz (no noise smoothing driven)
  • Control accuracy : 0.1 ° (Pixel Grade)
  • Control angle range : -45 ° ~ 45 ° (roll), -135 ° ~ 90 ° (tilt)
  • Pose solver algorithms : PTZ dedicated brushless motor decoupled EKF algorithm
  • Shooting equipment : GoPro HERO3
  • Weight without camera : 200 g

Battery usage: The Tarot gimbal should be powered by a 2S or 3S LiPo battery only. If you plan to use 4S, please use a voltage regulator to ensure the voltage stays within safe operating limits. 3DR RTF Quad, Y6, and X8 include a voltage regular to allow use of 4S batteries with the Tarot gimbal. Note: Tarot gimbal does not include the GoPro camera. The mounting plate is compatible with 2014 Quad, Y6, and X8 only and does not attach to 2013 copter models.