Congratulations and welcome to the Solo community! This is an exciting time, but before taking to the skies, let’s take a look at what exactly your new drone purchase includes. Familiarizing yourself with Solo’s components and features will allow you to maximize Solo’s potential.


Simple and reliable, the Solo main frame arrives in one solid piece and requires minimal configuration. You’ll find the battery and camera mount pre-installed.

Solo charger

Solo comes with two different types of chargers. Use the bigger of the two to charge Solo’s flight battery.


Solo’s controller makes capturing video easy and fun. It arrives pre-synced with Solo and includes a pre-installed mobile holder to mount your smartphone or tablet. Click here to learn more about using the controller.

Controller charger

Use the smaller charger to charge the controller directly. Click here for controller charging instructions.


Don’t forget your props at home, you’ll need these to fly! Solo comes with four propellers for your first flight (two black-top props and two silver-top props) and two spare props (one of each color) in case of hard landings. Click here for propellers assembly instructions.


Solo also includes a handy Quick Start Guide, important safety and warranty information, and decorative stickers.