Once you have completed a flight using Survey, Scan, or Inspect, follow the steps below to format and output your data to a stitching engine or cloud platform of your choice.

Geotag your photos:

1.) From the Home Screen, tap the Geotag Jobs prompt to get started. (Note: This alert appears only if you have unsynced jobs.)

2.) Remove the SD card from the GoPro used to fly the mission and insert it into your mobile device, then tap Begin.

3.) Please wait for the geotagging process to finish. It is important to remain on this page until the process is finished to successfully complete the geotagging process. This could take a handful of minutes.
4.) Once prompted to do so, select Finish to complete the Geotagging process.

Upload to the cloud: 

1.) Back at the Home Screen, note that an alert on the right side of the screen indicates that a job needs to be uploaded to the cloud. You could accomplish this simply by tapping the alert, or you can select YOUR JOBS from the menu on the left-hand side.
Either action takes you to the Jobs screen. This screen, shown following, provides a list of jobs on the left, and the map or satellite photo contains icons showing where you’ve already shot jobs. You can choose a job by tapping its icon on the map or its list item on the left.
2.) In the Cloud Upload Queue list, find the Job you want to upload and tap the icon in the top-right corner to unfold the options.

3.) Select Start Upload.

The upload starts and an upload-progress bar appears below the job ticket.

After the upload completes, you can remove the SD card and access your job from any connected device.

Process your images:

1.) On the Jobs screen, in the Jobs On 3DR Cloud list, select the Job you just uploaded.

This takes you to a three-screen section containing data about your job. The default screen, Location (see following), shows a map or satellite photo of the location. The scanned or surveyed area is highlighted in green, and related icons appear wherever Solo snapped a photo.
2.) In the top-right corner, select the Process button to continue. At this point, if you haven’t already, you will need to log in to the Autodesk Cloud.

3.) The Process Job alert opens showing the number of images you are processing. Select PROCESS to continue.

Obtain your results:

1.) After you submit a job for processing, you can observe its progress by first tapping the job in the list on the left side of the screen.

2.) This takes you to a screen, which you glimpsed briefly a few steps ago, with three headings:

  • Location shows a map of the area where you did the scan or survey, and shows where each photo was taken.
  • Raw Data shows thumbnail images of each photo taken during the job. You can expand an image to full-screen by tapping its thumbnail.
  • Recap Jobs shows boxes for each processing submission of the job, along with its status.

recap jobs
3.) When a job is finished processing, its status reads “Complete.” At this point, you can obtain your results by tapping the Share icon at the top right hand of your job’s data screen.
This opens a window of sharing methods that your mobile device supports. Typically you can email the results to yourself, or send it to an online storage app such as Dropbox. If you choose to use email, be sure to fill in the To: field and send the message.
Tip: The 3D output from Scan takes the form of an .RCM file. You can open and view this file format with Memento, an application from Autodesk currently in beta. For details, go to https://memento.autodesk.com/about.