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To download a PDF version of the current Solo User Manual, Click here.

Version 9 update notes:

Chapter 6

  • Details on new Plan Your Flight feature set (pg 38)
  • Details on new multi-point Cable Cam Smart Shot (pg 50)
  • Details on new Free Look option for Follow Smart Shot (pg 57)

Version 8 update notes:

Chapter 2

  • New Solo with 3-Axis Gimbal description & illustration (pg 6)

Chapter 3 (new chapter)

  • Installation procedures for separately purchased gimbals (pg 16-19)
  • Solo Gimbal instructions for all users (pg 19-24)

Chapter 5

  • Updated and expanded section on Return Home functionality (pg 32-34)

Chapter 6

  • Updated and expanded instructions on Using the Solo App (pg 38-43)
    • specific updates: App screen shots, caching maps on iOS and Android platforms, camera settings
  • Updated and expanded Smart Shots instructions (pg 44-51)

Chapter 7

  • Return Home failsafe procedure adjusted from 5% to 10% (pg 55)