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Using 3DR Site Scan with Solo, GoPro, and Esri Drone2Map: Accuracy and Results

Generating accurate and powerful maps is easy with 3DR Site ScanTM and Drone2Map for ArcGIS. Designed for the field professional, Site Scan is an intuitive, powerful and open aerial data capture and analytics platform that delivers an end-to-end solution ready-made for existing mapping and survey workflows.

With the push of a button, Site Scan automatically calculates a flight plan and Solo autonomously executes both flight and image capture. Images can be processed and integrated with Esri Drone2Map to create high-resolution georeferenced maps and digital elevation models to share as tile or feature services in ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online.

Guida Surveying Inc. came to 3DR to assess how they could use drones to meet their customers’ needs, specifically around topographic and aerial mapping. The Guida Surveying team challenged the 3DR team to demonstrate the accuracy of Site Scan and Solo with GoPro.

Accuracy Study and Results

To confirm the accuracy of the process, 3DR and Guida Surveying used Site Scan and Solo with GoPro to survey Cesar Chavez Park in Berkeley, CA. The survey consisted of two flights covering 53 acres and was done at an altitude of 200 ft over varying terrain (144 ft. on average) for an average ground sampling distance (GSD) of 2.43 cm/pixel. Accuracy of the resulting data was measured using the ground control point method with a total of eight ground control points (GCP) and three check points distributed across the survey area. The images captured from Site Scan along with the ground control point data were then processed using Drone2Map. Analysis of the results demonstrated best in class accuracy, with results meeting root mean square error (RMSE) of better than 6cm in all directions.


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