The controller’s long-range antennas communicate with Solo during flight. For the strongest connection to Solo, position the antennas down and away from the controller so they are approximately perpendicular with Solo in flight, and tilt each antenna out and away form one another at a 20° angle.

Mobile-Device Holder

Mount an Android or iOS device to run the Solo app and effortlessly manage Smart Shots.


The controller’s left and right joysticks provide direct manual control of Solo.


The controller’s full-color screen provides live in-flight data and helpful prompts and alerts.

Power Button

Press the power button once to check the controller’s battery level. Hold the power button until you see the controller startup screen to power on the controller.

Fly Button

The Fly button lets you control Solo’s main flight functions: starting motors, takeoff, land, and activating standard flight.

Return Home

The Home button allows you to end your flight automatically at any point by returning Solo to its original launch point and landing.

Pause Button

The Pause button is Solo’s emergency air brake. Press Pause to stop Solo and hover in place at any time.

Option Buttons

The screen shows the currently assigned functions of A and B. You can program A and B to specific functions using the app. By default, the A button is assigned to Cable Cam and the B button is assigned to Orbit.

Gimbal Controls

The paddle, buttons, and dial on the top of the controller are used to control the Solo Gimbal. They can also be used in some Smart Shots.