This is a brief introduction to using the transmitter. When first learning to use the transmitter, practice the following movements at a low altitude and in a open area away from people.

Transmitter Controls

Maneuver the X8 in flight using the controller sticks.


Move the left stick up and down to control altitude.


Move the left stick horizontally to rotate IRIS and change orientation. For a slow rotation, move the stick slightly away from the center in either direction. Moving the stick farther from the center creates a faster rotation.

Pitch and Roll

The right stick allows you to control IRIS’ position in the air. Move the right stick to tell IRIS to move in that direction: forward (toward the blue arms), back (toward the black arms), left (toward the left arms), or right (towards the right arms). How far you move the stick from the center before releasing it tells IRIS how fast to move.