Why am I having trouble getting a GPS signal?

In Fly mode, Solo communicates with satellites to utilize GPS functionality. When you have achieved a solid GPS connection, autonomous flight features like position holding, Return Home, and Smart Shots are all made possible.
If Solo is taking an unusually long time (over five minutes) to acquire a GPS connection, follow these steps:

To troubleshoot your GPS connection:

  • Make Sure Solo and the Controller have a clear view of the sky.

This is the top reason for GPS connectivity issues. Without a direct line of sight to the sky, it is impossible for Solo to communicate with satellites.

  • Check your surroundings for tall obstacles.

Start in an open field away from tall objects like trees and buildings that could interfere with satellite communications. An open field gives you and Solo the most sky area to work with to attain GPS.

  • Turn off your GoPro and reboot Solo.

It can take up to  five minutes for Solo to register a GPS connection. If you still haven’t registered a GPS connection after five minutes, try turning off your GoPro and rebooting Solo (not the Controller or the App, just Solo).

  • Check that your GoPro’s Wi-Fi is off.

These signals can interfere with the GPS connection.

  • Perform a compass calibration.

As a very last resort, try performing a compass calibration. You won’t need to do this more than once, as multiple calibrations make no difference.

Determining the status of your GPS connection:

At the top left of the controller screen is a GPS icon displaying the number of quality satellites Solo is in communication with. Typically, achieving a useful GPS connection requires contact with seven or more satellites. This isn’t the only factor contributing to a quality GPS connection, but being in an open area can help all these different contributors.
Performing a factory reset does not improve your GPS connection.
If you have worked through all these steps and are still having trouble attaining a GPS signal, please contact Tech Support.
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