This is a common issue when the Pixhawk does not have any firmware on it yet.
Once you have downloaded your Ground Control software (please avoid using QGround Control) follow these steps:

  • Connect your Pixhawk to the computer using a micro USB cable.
  • Wait for your Computer to install drivers.
  • Open your Ground Control software.
  • Assign the correct COM port (PX4 FMU) and set the baud rate at 115200.


  •   DON’T click Connect yet, it won’t let you connect because you don’t have a firmware on the board yet.
  • Go to the Initial Setup tab.
  • Select Install Firmware from the list to the left.
  • Wait for the page to load and select the firmware you want to use on your board.


  • After the Mission Planner detects which board you are using (i.e. Pixhawk) it will ask you to unplug the board.
  • Unplug the board, click OK and then plug the board back.
  • Within a few seconds (during this brief period the bootloader accepts requests to upload new firmware).
  • If all goes well you will see some status appear on the bottom right including the words, “erase…”, “program…”, “verify..” and “Upload Done” follow by these sounds.

For more information please click here.
A few more causes of this are:

  •  This issue is also related to a Hardware failure, over the next questions we will provide a few steps on checking the status on your Pixhawk.
  • Try using another Micro USB cable, USB port or even another computer.
  • Try using the 3DR Power module with a 3-4s LiPo battery.