Not being able to arm the motors is more often than not caused by Pre-Arm safety checks. In other words, they’re conditions that haven’t been met yet for you to safely fly the IRIS+. The main LED indicator on your IRIS+ will flash different colors depending on the state of the vehicle.

  1. Green means it’s ready to fly and it has achieved GPS fix, meaning GPS dependent flight modes will be functional.
  1. Blue means the IRIS+ is ready to fly but it hasn’t yet achieved GPS lock. Normally you won’t get this light since the safety pre checks are enabled, including the GPS fix Pre-Arm check. Disabling them will allow you to arm the motors with out GPS lock or with out complying with the other Pre-Arm checks but this is not recommended for safety reasons.
  1. Yellow means that you have a Pre-arm safety check that is preventing you from Arming the motors.

Also, please make sure that you have communication between your receiver and transmitter.

  1. After making sure your transmitter is ON, you can verify if there’s a connection between these two devices. Do this by connecting through your telemetry radios ( or USB cable ) your IRIS+ to the Mission Planner software on your computer.
  2. After you select the proper COM Port and proper Baud Rate ( 57600 for Telemetry radios or 115200 for USB connections ) click on the ”CONNECT” Icon until the two devices are connected.
  3. Once this is done, go to the ”INITIAL SETUP” Tab and under ”Mandatory Hardware” select Radio Calibration.
  4. The bars should acknowledge the movement of the control sticks on your transmitter. If they don’t you may need to go through the binding procedure. Click here to visit a video on how to bind the receiver and transmitter of your IRIS+