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We set out to redefine what it means to capture aerial photo and video with a drone, to raise the bar of what’s expected from a drone, to truly delight you with the pure magic of flying your first Smart Shot. This will be the moment you high-five yourself for choosing the right drone.

Bottom line: If you just want a toy to fly around, cheaper options abound. But if you’re looking for the most technologically advanced consumer product ever created the drone that will make you look and feel like a professional cinematographer on your very first flight  with the necessary built-in technology to give you confidence and the peace of mind of knowing your investment is protected, then read on.

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Smart Shots

Put simply, Smart Shots give you what you want from your drone: perfect shots, perfect set-up, every time. Our Smart Shot technology will redefine the drone industry, and 3DR will keep your drone flying on the advancing edge. Years ago our autopilots made flying easy, then stabilization systems (a.k.a. gimbals) turned shaky video into smooth cinema. Now Smart Shots leverage built-in computers to enable anyone, regardless of experience, to capture shots automatically that used to require years of practice — or were simply impossible. They’re like a cheat code: Try an expanding-contracting-spiraling-elastic corkscrew Orbit over a lighthouse with any other drone.

Step 1: Envision the shot — a simple selfie, an orbiting “wrap around,” a clear and revealing narrative, or 5-axis aerial motion control.

Step 2: Spend a few seconds defining the shot in the 3DR Solo app. Your drone literally has a photographic memory: It saves each frame you set.

Step 3: Witness magic as your Solo drone brings your vision to reality, knowing exactly how to move and control the camera, flying steadily through any points in space at the speed you want, with the ease you want — you’re shooting like a seasoned professional with the push of a button.


Built to evolve

The drone you buy today will only get better.

Another benefit of leveraging smartphone architecture in a drone? You won’t have to buy next year’s model to get next year’s technology. We give development partners around the world access to Solo’s computer through an open accessory bay on Solo’s belly, resulting in an ever-expanding accessory lineup — innovative products certified as compatible by 3DR.

You also get free software and flight profile updates wirelessly, sending them with one tap straight from your app to all of Solo’s components. Since Solo launched users have already received hardware and firmware updates, as well as new cinematic functions, improved overall stability and in-app airspace safety information. Wherever drone technology takes us, your Solo is ready to go there.


24/7 Customer Support

Service That Goes Above and Beyond

A drone is more than your typical consumer electronics purchase — cameras, smartphones, headphones and wearables don’t defy gravity every time they’re used. We’ve put measures in place both to greatly reduce the likelihood of any malfunction, as well as to insure you should anything ever happen. We put a second full-blown computer in the controller that logs every aspect of every flight in real time — this means that, unlike with other drones, Solo’s black box is always in your hands. If anything ever goes wrong, a tap on your screen sends your flight data straight to our support department right from your mobile app. These flight logs will clearly show if a system malfunction caused your problem — at which point we’ll happily replace your drone, your gimbal and even give you credit to purchase a new GoPro. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll love Solo, we’ve given it another industry first: the only drone with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.
Still thinking about buying a toy without built-in computers logging every detail of every flight?


Why 3DR?

This one’s easy: The most important thing to us is that you have an incredible experience with our products. As Silicon Valley’s premier drone company and North America’s largest drone maker, 3DR puts nothing less than magic in your hands. Headquartered in California, we’re led by free and open innovation, moving together to move faster. We grew out of what is now the world’s largest open robotics community, and our technology reflects nearly a decade of continual global development efforts. The evidence is in our products: The Pixhawk is the world’s most popular autopilot; Solo, with its dual computers, is the world’s first smart drone; the IRIS+ was the world’s first follow drone; and you can find the APM flight code powering projects from NASA to rhino conservation.

Innovation happens here; the rest of the industry catches up.


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